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What is food science?

Bài học trong giáo trình của Viện nhé các bạn! Có luôn bài nghe ở phía dưới.


Food Science and Technology is a convenient name used to describe the application of scientific principles to create and maintain a wholesome food supply. Food Science has given us frozen foods, canned foods, microwave meals milk which does not need refrigeration, easily prepared traditional foods and above all, variety in our diets. The Food Scientist learns and applies a wide- range of scientific knowledge to maintain a high quality, abundant food supply. Food Science allows us to make the best use of our resources in a sustainable manner and minimize waste.

To be a Food Scientist and help handle the world’s food supply to maximum advantage, you need some familiarity in a number of disciplines including the application of microbiology, chemistry, aspects of biochemistry and some specialized statistics. The investigation of how biological materials behave in harvesting, processing, distribution, storage and preparation is complex and full awareness of all important aspects of the problem requires broad- based training.

With the special training in the applied science known as Food Science, a wide range of employment opportunities exist for the trained professional. Examples include the Product Development Specialist, Sensory Scientist, Quality Control and Quality Assurance Specialist, Technical Sales specialist, research and development scientist, marketing, consumer behavior and management to name a few.  Food science can lead to many exciting an productive careers.

A number of interesting and unique options in the food science and technology program include:

Food processing

Product development

Food chemistry

Food microbiology

Food quality management


Marketing and consumer behavior

Human resource management and industrial relations

Asian studies

Business management

Why does there seem to be so much chemistry in food science? What if I haven’t done well in this subject before?

Food science requires about the same amount of basic science as other science programs. The difference is that in food science every student gets an exposure to a wide range of scientific disciplines and has a chance to succeed in more areas. The chemistry you study in the program is not pure chemistry but applied chemistry e.g. in studying the formation of alcohol during a wine fermentation or the flavor components of coffee. Food science classes then allow the student to apply those basic ideas learned in general science classes.


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